What is a Proposal? The Art of Persuasion

Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen a lot of proposals at OST, so let’s take a minute to reflect about the definition of a proposal and how you can make your proposals better. At its core, a proposal is a sales document, regardless of whether the recipient customer is federal or commercial. A proposal’s Read More


Nine Tips for Conducting Effective Pink and Red Team Reviews for Your Proposals

Click Here to Download Slides Proposal color reviews, such as Blue Team, Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team, White Glove, and others, are a proven best practice in developing outstanding proposals. However, many color reviews are not very effective despite their ability to dramatically improve the quality of the proposal. Here are the tips in Read More


Are you Equipped to Respond to Short Turnaround IDIQ Task Order Proposals?

When I think of our clients we have supported over the years, I think of their ability to grow as being like either a racecar or a horse buggy; both might reach the finish line but one is going to get there a lot faster. Consistently, the most explosive growth in the federal market is Read More