Are you Equipped to Respond to Short Turnaround IDIQ Task Order Proposals?

When I think of our clients we have supported over the years, I think of their ability to grow as being like either a racecar or a horse buggy; both might reach the finish line but one is going to get there a lot faster. Consistently, the most explosive growth in the federal market is Read More

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Don’t be too picky with task order qualification

It is difficult to carve out market share or get last-minute fourth-quarter awards without the right indefinite delivery vehicle that your target agency uses. Of course, you can get under contract fast if you have the right socioeconomic status that your contracting specialist knows how to use. Yet, you can’t solely rely on that. To Read More


Identifying and Qualifying Pipeline Opportunities

Recently, Dave recorded a 30-minute webinar called Identifying and Qualifying Pipeline Opportunities with Jennifer Schaus and Associates. The webinar is designed to help Business Development Managers, Account Leads, and Business Owners implement a better opportunity qualification process and move opportunities through their pipeline into capture. He started with the overall business development lifecycle for Federal Read More


How to Take Advantage of Government Fiscal Year End Spending Rush

Did you know that 8.7% of Federal Government spending occurs in the last week of September? Business developers need deliberate action to take advantage of the “use it or lose it” period. To get the most out of this great opportunity that occurs every year, watch this short video guide I created for you. Please Read More