proposal writer ownership

Taking Ownership of Proposal Content as Writer/Editor

Winning contracts from the Federal Government is a team sport. It can sometimes require intense effort from a large group of people over years. By the time an opportunity reaches the proposal phase, many key decisions have been made, so how much impact can proposal writers and editors really have? I will argue that they Read More

where to find N95 masks

Where to find N95 Masks

N95 masks are the best way to protect yourself from Covid 19, but where can you get them? OST has a solution for you, or your customers. Rick Windon of OST explains how we can help. You can find more details on the N95 masks specifications here – You can email Rick directly at Read More

Measuring Your Government Opportunities Pipeline and Capture Effectiveness

Measuring Your Government Opportunities Pipeline and Capture Effectiveness

In Parts 1 and 2 of this four-part series, we identified the three main reasons we’ve found that companies fail at federal contract business development:  Too few opportunities in the pipeline to meet growth goals    No review process to check each opportunity’s capture progress  Submitting general proposals that don’t answer the government’s requirements  In this part, we’re going to focus on the second reason — lack of a formal, disciplined, and Read More


Build and Manage a Robust Government Opportunities Pipeline

Waiting for RFPs to drop might be commonplace in our industry, but it’s no way to grow a federal contracting business. In our previous blog post, The 3 Biggest Mistakes in the Federal Business Development Process, we emphasize the need to develop team discipline and processes. Your team must also devote time to market research, planning, and brainstorming. In this installment we’ll focus on Read More