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Hello, and welcome to the Business Development blog by OST Global Solutions. My name is Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, and I am passionate about everything business development. I am President and CEO of OST Global Solutions, a DC metro area-based company that helps Fortune 500, mid-size, and small companies win multimillion-dollar contracts and increase revenues.

Although win rate is not the only measure of success and depends on many factors, it usually has a direct correlation to bottom line. My win rate is very high – 94%, bringing billions of dollars in business to my clients. This is not even counting the contracts that are a “license to hunt” such as IDIQs and GWACs, that position a company to win task orders for years to come. One of the reasons it is this high is that over the last 17 years of my career I made myself a student of best practices in every aspect of business development, capture and proposal management, and related fields. I am eternally obsessed with collecting and implementing every bit of what could bring success.

Because I love being able to help companies grow, I spend a huge share of my time pursuing this passion. I’ve been on the board of directors of the the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area chapter, for 4 years in charge of the Executive Summary newsletter, and as a president for 2012 board. I routinely present at the APMP events, teach popular proposal development webinars and classes, write articles, and develop training programs.

With this blog, I look forward to connecting with the larger community of business developers and executives who share with me the obsession for growing business, and discussing best practices and tips for winning more contracts from governments and industry.

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