Capture Management Process: Solution Development to Nail Your Technical Approach

Click Here to Download Slides Developing a Technical Solution is a Capture Activity and Frontloads your Proposal Effort. The technical approach is the meat of your proposal and is often scored the highest in best value, trade off analysis evaluations. It has to be innovative and make your proposal stand out from the competition. However, Read More

keeping capture momentum

Keeping Capture Momentum

Click Here to Download Slides In this video we talk about keeping the momentum during capture when the Request for Proposal (RFP) issuance date keeps slipping to the right. Your task is to continue completing action items instead of relegating your activities to the “important but not urgent” pile of work. Our presentation dives into Read More


What is a Proposal? The Art of Persuasion

Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen a lot of proposals at OST, so let’s take a minute to reflect about the definition of a proposal and how you can make your proposals better. At its core, a proposal is a sales document, regardless of whether the recipient customer is federal or commercial. A proposal’s Read More


Keep Proposal Momentum

Recently, I helped develop a proposal for a company where the team lost momentum and stopped turning in work once the government said they may consider an extension during a bidders’ conference. I wanted to share some lessons learned, as losing momentum is a danger many proposal managers fear. The effort started out as many Read More

Managing Proposal Subcontractors

Get the Most From Proposal Subcontractors

Subcontractors’ performance on proposals can be either the bane of a capture and proposal managers’ existence or the saving grace. Usually, subcontractors’ contributions to the proposal effort fall somewhere in between. Teaming partners are often tricky to manage since they are not your employees and you can only apply limited pressure. Their own priorities get Read More