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Who Is the Decision Maker?

You need to speak to a Government customer “decision maker.” Who is that? How can you tell? Speaking to the “decision maker” is often emphasized, but little detail is ever offered on how this feat is actually accomplished. To achieve that goal, you have to first know what the decision at hand is. If you’re Read More

Arm Wrestling

Smart Competitor Analysis Starts With the Customer

When performing competitor analysis, you have to assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to a particular bid, customer or market area. If you just look at them in a vacuum, without considering how well they can do a particular job for a specific customer, you could overlook a golden opportunity to demonstrate why Read More

Reading the Pipeline Tea Leaves

Reading the Pipeline Tea Leaves

“Reading your pipeline.” What does that even mean? Don’t you just look at a list of opportunities and “progress” or “advance” each one? I’m pretty sure someone smarter than me thought about this long and hard and came up with 200 steps to develop government business. Well, yes they did, and yes you can buy Read More

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure 2x for Better Business Development

‘My pipeline isn’t big enough. We aren’t winning enough new work. We’re not hitting our financial projections. We “lost on price” yet again.’ You might start questioning your business development efforts, proposal writing skills, processes, and/or people for any or all of these reasons. Such concerns lead to a lot of questions, like: ‘Do I Read More

Focus on Solutions When Developing Proposal Win Themes

Best Practices: Developing Win Themes

So you have a proposal to write, yet here you are participating in yet another inane group conversation that may include more than one agenda, a lack of clarity about who’s in charge or which way the team is proceeding, social loafing, grandstanding, or other counterproductive behaviors. It is probable that people are already “writing” Read More