Black Hat Review and Price to Win (PTW) Class Helps Raise Your Pwin

Black Hat Review Price to Win for competitive advantage

Black Hat Review Process priced to win.

We’ve developed a new Black Hat Review 2-day course based on many requests from government contractors we have worked with on winning proposals. We’re now offering Competitive Analysis: Black Hat and Price to Win (PTW). If your pricing and ghosting strategy feels like it has more guessing than targeted analysis, then this course is for you.

Black Hat Review and Price to Win Competitive Analysis

Black Hat Review sessions and Price to Win (PTW) analysis are critical to winning federal proposals consistently. Firms large and small need to master these skills to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Too many companies forgo competitive analysis in favor of guessing the bid rates and win themes that would state how they’re better than the competition. They may accept target rates from their prime contractors without knowing if those rates are profitable. They may even hire people at those rates while leaving money on the table.

Trying to prove to the customer that they have the best solution while failing to tailor their solutions to the customer’s budget sets them far behind their competition. Your surest way to win is by outdoing your competitors. This makes a lack of competitive analysis an unsustainable business practice.

What You Will Get From OST’s Black Hat and PTW Course

If you can’t effectively set pricing strategies, then you are leaving money on the table even if you win the proposal. Our Black and PTW training will arm you with the skills you need to beat your competition for government contract awards:

  • Identifying your competitors
  • Performing ethical competitive analysis via publicly accessible sources
  • Organizing full-blown and reduced-size Black Hat sessions
  • Collecting relevant information on competitors’ approach
  • Performing SWOT analysis
  • Assessing competitors’ potential win strategies
  • Understanding the exchange between the technical solution, best value, and price  
  • Following a disciplined PTW development process
  • Leveraging data from various PTW information sources
  • Pricing competitors’ solutions
  • Applying strategies to win based on the whole offer, including the price
  • And much more

Our Competitive Analysis: Black Hat and PTW Class Gives You the Chance to Dive In and Practice

OST’s Competitive Analysis course is only 50% lecture. During the remaining 50%, you will have the opportunity to conduct real opportunity competitive analysis. The industry experts teaching our course are experienced capture and proposal professionals who will answer your questions as they come up during the class. They have decades of experience and can offer the most up-to-date information.

You can take this class in person or remotely from your office.

Who Should Attend This Competitive Analysis Course?

Understanding the competition benefits various parts of your federal contracting company. You need these competitive analysis skills if you’re a:

  • Capture Manager
  • Pricing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Owner
  • Senior Proposal Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Or any other professional tasked with capturing opportunities and winning in Cost Volumes

If you’re ready to learn more about this class, click on this link to read more about OST’s Competitive Analysis: Black Hat and PTW class.  

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