Competitor Analysis with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are a critical element of business development and capture. This is how you learn about a pursuit’s history and your competition. The problem is – FOIA requests are tricky:
They take forever to obtain – so someone needs to carefully track them and follow up relentlessly to get any results – sometimes taking months and rendering your requests useless for your capture effort.

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Black Hat Review and Price to Win (PTW) Class Helps Raise Your Pwin

We’ve developed a new Black Hat Review 2-day course based on many requests from government contractors we have worked with on winning proposals. We’re now offering Competitive Analysis: Black Hat and Price to Win (PTW). If your pricing and ghosting strategy feels like it has more guessing than targeted analysis, then this course is for Read More

How to Improve Your Government Proposals’ Pwin - Rethink Your Business Development Processes-PLAY

Improving Your Government Proposals’ Pwin Part 3: Rethink Your BD, Capture Management, and Proposal Processes

This week, we continue with our seven-part webinar and article series on How to Improve Your Government Proposals’ Pwin. The first article focused on assessing your proposals’ performance, while the second explored changing business development culture. Today, we hone in on how your business development processes can raise or lower your win probability (Pwin). What Read More


Capture Management Process: Solution Development to Nail Your Technical Approach

Click Here to Download Slides Developing a Technical Solution is a Capture Activity and Frontloads your Proposal Effort. The technical approach is the meat of your proposal and is often scored the highest in best value, trade off analysis evaluations. It has to be innovative and make your proposal stand out from the competition. However, Read More

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Keeping Capture Momentum

Click Here to Download Slides In this video we talk about keeping the momentum during capture when the Request for Proposal (RFP) issuance date keeps slipping to the right. Your task is to continue completing action items instead of relegating your activities to the “important but not urgent” pile of work. Our presentation dives into Read More