Cracks in the LPTA Armor?

Cracks in the LPTA Armor?

The Navy has taken notice of one of the pitfalls of excessive focus on overall price in contract award decisions: the frequent loss of good incumbent staff when bidders low-ball pricing and then fail to properly staff professional positions. Focusing on the “lowest price technically acceptable” (LPTA) over ability to acquire and retain capable personnel Read More


The Power of Substitutes: What Business Are You in?

When I was teaching our Advanced Capture Management class this week at a client’s company, one of my students made an astute observation that I wanted to share with you. During the strategic competitive analysis discussion, I was explaining Michael Porter’s Five Forces and their applicability to Business Development. These forces shape industry rivalry. They consist Read More

Interviewing SMEs

Proposal Basics: Tips for Interviewing Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter expert (SME) interviews are a critical component of the proposal writing process that every proposal team member should master. Unlike traditional research, interviewing is a social process that some people find incredibly intimidating. If you’re not a social butterfly, the idea of meeting with just one SME—let alone a whole team of them—may Read More

Business Meeting

Don’t Let Prime-Only Past Performance Requirements Cost You Business

Government buyers weigh past performance heavily when making contract award decisions, so it’s a proposal section you have to get just right. How hard could that be? You’re just discussing relevant past projects, right? The answer is yes and no. Yes, a solid past performance section should detail projects you’ve worked on that are of Read More

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Plan Your Capture Strategy for the Army’s $37 Billion RS3

The Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services (RS3) IDIQ is anticipated to be the Army’s largest contracting opportunity in 2015 with an estimated ceiling value of $37 Billion over ten years. On Thursday, December 18th, join Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, CEO of OST Global and Matt Hummer, Director of Analytics at Govini for a one-hour in-depth webinar that Read More