Olessia Smotrova-Taylor in OST's Bid & Proposal Academy Training Room

Ready, Set, Learn!

OST Global Solutions isn’t your typical proposal shop. Yes, we provide proposal development support to our clients, but we also teach them how to excel at capture, business development and proposal development. We believe in sharing our proven methods for succeeding in the federal market—methods we’ve honed and applied with consistent success over two+ decades Read More


You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Knowledge

While working as a writer, instructor and marketing manager for OST Global Solutions, many clients have asked me about the value of OST’s classes and my feelings on professional development in general. I can say definitively that OST’s instructors and course materials are effective; they’ve helped me transition into a new area of business in Read More

Managing Proposal Subcontractors

Get the Most From Proposal Subcontractors

Subcontractors’ performance on proposals can be either the bane of a capture and proposal managers’ existence or the saving grace. Usually, subcontractors’ contributions to the proposal effort fall somewhere in between. Teaming partners are often tricky to manage since they are not your employees and you can only apply limited pressure. Their own priorities get Read More

Woman Writing Next to a Computer and Cell Phone

Simplify Your Job With Collaborative Writing Tools

For someone who worked in and around IT for 8+ years and develops websites, I’m embarrassingly slow to adopt new technology. When I bought myself a new laptop a few months ago, I decided to finally upgrade my super-outdated Office 2007 to Office 365. Except for Word crashing whenever I work on multiple large documents, Read More