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Focusing on Proposals for the Q3 and Q4 Spending Spree

We’re approaching the Federal Government’s spending rush that comes in the last two quarters of every fiscal year. In 2018, the Federal Government obligated roughly $560 billion to contractors. However, the government obligated roughly $144 billion (26%) in Q3 and $186 billion (34%) in Q4 of 2018. This makes April through September an “enjoyable” time Read More

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Scaling the Government Proposal Development Mountain

Climbing a mountain for the first time can be just as unnerving to an inexperienced rock climber as tackling your first solicitation can be if you’re a proposal newbie. Scaling the government proposal development mountain process may seem paralyzingly-scary at first, but just as with rock climbing, you can learn the skills necessary to succeed Read More

7 Ways to Improve Your Federal Proposals' Pwin

7 Ways to Improve Your Government Proposals’ Pwin

Over the last two months we’ve given you detailed descriptions of seven ways you can improve your federal proposals’ win probability (Pwin). So you don’t have to hunt for all seven articles and videos, we created this roundup post. Below you’ll find all seven methods and other related articles. At the start of each method Read More

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Improve Your Proposal Pwin Part 7: Master the Formal and Informal Proposal Reviews

We have reached the final installment in our series Improving Your Government Proposals’ Pwin. Today we are going over the importance of effective informal and formal proposal reviews. We address common mistakes committed by reviewers, and helpful practices you can enact to extract the most value from each review. Every part of this series is Read More

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Improving Your Government Proposals’ Pwin Part 6: Use Checklists and Templates

In part six of our Improving Your Government Proposals’ Pwin series video we encourage you to use checklists and templates to improve your win probability (Pwin). Checklists and templates, when appropriately structured and used, speed up your proposal development process. Checklists also improve your Pwin by helping you duplicate proven processes without having to resort Read More