What is a Proposal? The Art of Persuasion

Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen a lot of proposals at OST, so let’s take a minute to reflect about the definition of a proposal and how you can make your proposals better. At its core, a proposal is a sales document, regardless of whether the recipient customer is federal or commercial. A proposal’s Read More

Focus on Solutions When Developing Proposal Win Themes

Best Practices: Developing Win Themes

So you have a proposal to write, yet here you are participating in yet another inane group conversation that may include more than one agenda, a lack of clarity about who’s in charge or which way the team is proceeding, social loafing, grandstanding, or other counterproductive behaviors. It is probable that people are already “writing” Read More

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Win themes and Strategy Brainstorming Session… Is it OK to Wait if the RFP Slips to the Right?

One of the first steps in capturing an opportunity is to conduct a win themes development and strategy session. Win themes are a conclusive set of reasons why the customer should select you over the competitors. Win strategy is determining what it takes to win, and what a potential winner would have to do to make it an obvious choice from the customer’s standpoint.

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What People are the Main Ingredient in Winning Contracts Consistently

Many companies reach a point at which they have to start maturing and growing their business development, capture, and proposal capability. It usually happens when they have a constant volume of bids and they are looking for a more efficient way to develop proposals and win consistently. They want to scale up, grow aggressively, and create a true business development engine.