Halloween Proposal Horror Stories

Check out my Halloween video on Proposal Horror Stories.

I am sure you can relate to these stories and have lived more of your own proposal nightmares… If you have more chilling stories, please share them with me.

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Proposal Horror Stories

  1. How about the one where you work for a solid week straight on the RFP response. You drive an hour to submit all 8 copies that you need a forklift to transport. You get up to the person who accepts the submission. You are within 5 minutes of being late and they tell you. “Oh, that RFP was extended to next week – didn’t you get the e-mail?” Obviously not, they typed in your e-mail address wrong.

  2. How about the one where you actually win! Then the CFO says – Oh – we can’t buy from you – you’re not IBM! (I guess they forgot to put in the RFP that having 300,000 employees was a mandatory requirement!).

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