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Scaling the Government Proposal Development Mountain

Climbing a mountain for the first time can be just as unnerving to an inexperienced rock climber as tackling your first solicitation can be if you’re a proposal newbie. Scaling the government proposal development mountain process may seem paralyzingly-scary at first, but just as with rock climbing, you can learn the skills necessary to succeed Read More

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Win Federal Contracts By Improving Your Business Development Part 2

Federal contracting can be a profitable and dynamic business. Not to mention there can be advantages to being a small business in the federal contracting market. The government aims to award at least 23% of prime contracting dollars to small businesses. In the last fiscal year, that amounted to approximately $110 billion.  Win Federal contracts Read More

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Win Government Contracts By Improving Your Business Development Part 1

  We’ve been going through our video archives, and the desire and need to know how to consistently win government contracts hasn’t decreased in the slightest. Some of the references in the video above may be dated, however, the article contains OST’s current methodologies. The government’s push for more civilian solutions drives the creation of Read More

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How To Be Successful in Federal Business Development

One of the top reasons small federal contractors fail is poor business development (BD). You can see the evidence of this in failed government contracts and lost federal proposals. In our experience, we’ve seen a few key characteristics that keep small government contractors from maturing their business development processes. Why does this matter? Because immature Read More

7 Ways to Improve Your Federal Proposals' Pwin

7 Ways to Improve Your Government Proposals’ Pwin

Over the last two months we’ve given you detailed descriptions of seven ways you can improve your federal proposals’ win probability (Pwin). So you don’t have to hunt for all seven articles and videos, we created this roundup post. Below you’ll find all seven methods and other related articles. At the start of each method Read More