Fill Your Pipeline With Federal Contract Opportunities

How Full Is Your Pipeline?

Every business needs a pipeline, which contains all the opportunities the business is chasing along with: Associated values Key dates, such as RFP release and award dates Critical information on each opportunity Business development performance metrics, such as: bid rate, capture rate, and win rate Artifacts, such as meeting notes with the customer, capture plans, Read More

Want the Blueprint to Success in the Federal Market?

We created the Blueprint for Federal Business Development (BD) course specifically to meet the needs of businesses looking to grow in the Federal market. It’s been our top-selling course for over 7 years because it works, plain and simple. It’s been so well-received that we have re-recorded it twice. Blueprint is an immediately-applicable system that can Read More

Chess Set

Who Is the Decision Maker?

You need to speak to a Government customer “decision maker.” Who is that? How can you tell? Speaking to the “decision maker” is often emphasized, but little detail is ever offered on how this feat is actually accomplished. To achieve that goal, you have to first know what the decision at hand is. If you’re Read More

Arm Wrestling

Smart Competitor Analysis Starts With the Customer

When performing competitor analysis, you have to assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to a particular bid, customer or market area. If you just look at them in a vacuum, without considering how well they can do a particular job for a specific customer, you could overlook a golden opportunity to demonstrate why Read More

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure 2x for Better Business Development

‘My pipeline isn’t big enough. We aren’t winning enough new work. We’re not hitting our financial projections. We “lost on price” yet again.’ You might start questioning your business development efforts, proposal writing skills, processes, and/or people for any or all of these reasons. Such concerns lead to a lot of questions, like: ‘Do I Read More