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Navigating Last-Minute Proposals

This article covers the “quick and dirty” of getting proposals done when there isn’t enough time. I want to preface it by saying that we at OST like to go through a proper capture and proposal development process to increase the probability of winning (Pwin). With proper planning, even short-turnaround task order proposals allow for Read More

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The Proposal Manager’s Corner

Striking a Balance Between Proposal Process & Content Leadership Proposal Managers and boxing coaches have something in common: if you want to be in the champ’s corner, you have to be able to assess who you’re working with, create a plan to remedy their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths, and then do whatever’s necessary Read More

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How to capitalize on IDIQs

It seems that the tides have turned in the Government contracting world firmly in the direction of IDIQs and GSA/VA schedules. If you are the Government, it is hard to imagine why it would not be the case. Instead of a lengthy 12-18 months procurement process, the Government can award a contract in two to four months, reducing risk of protest. In addition, the budget approval and end of the fiscal year window shrinking, it is hard to imagine that anything will change any time soon.

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Reminder and Olessia’s 5 tips for proposal professionals

I am in foggy San Jose in Silicon Valley, teaching a course for Stevens at NASA Ames. It is an intense, inquisitive, and exceedingly bright group of students. Some of their questions got me to remember some truths in the proposal profession that I began to take for granted – so I am sharing them with you after quickly jotting them down at 4 am (I am still on the East Coast time).