Proposal Managers & Boxing Coaches Have Something in Common

The Proposal Manager’s Corner

Striking a Balance Between Proposal Process & Content Leadership Proposal Managers and boxing coaches have something in common: if you want to be in the champ’s corner, you have to be able to assess who you’re working with, create a plan to remedy their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths, and then do whatever’s necessary Read More

Measuring Your Government Opportunities Pipeline and Capture Effectiveness

Creating Job Security, Higher Pay, and Development for Federal Proposal Professionals

We got a question from one of our class attendees last week as to how she could expand into other fields in the proposal profession. Where could she grow from a proposal writer? Truthfully, in this field, there is always a way to command higher pay, be more in demand, and ultimately become a more successful professional with a high success record -whether you are an employee or a consultant. Today’s article is about how to go about it – but it is also relevant to you if you run a team of business developers and proposal professionals because this is how you will develop your “regular” BD capability into a high-functioning machine.