VA PTAC Webinar With Olessia Smotrova and David Huff

Catch Olessia Smotrova & David Huff on The VA PTAC Webinar: The Nitty-Gritty on Sole Source Contracts and Unsolicited Proposals

  This course covers the process and nuances of how to write an unsolicited proposal and help the government justify the issuance of sole-source contracts. It is a way to get work under contract fast. It helps both the contractor and the government avoid lengthy and expensive traditional procurement processes. However, there are lots of misconceptions and Read More

VA PTAC July 12 OST Global

VA PTAC Webinar: Get Inside the Government Reviewer’s Mind

Training Topics: A Virginia PTAC Organized or Sponsored event, Government Contracting, Intermediate Level, Introductory Level, Market Research and Business Development, Marketing/Sales, Proposal Preparation / Response, Selling to Government Description: Find out the behind-the-doors process of proposal evaluation, and what really happens when Government evaluators read our proposal “masterpieces.” This course also addresses how to avoid Read More