Olessia Smotrova-Taylor in OST's Bid & Proposal Academy Training Room

Ready, Set, Learn!

OST Global Solutions isn’t your typical proposal shop. Yes, we provide proposal development support to our clients, but we also teach them how to excel at capture, business development and proposal development. We believe in sharing our proven methods for succeeding in the federal market—methods we’ve honed and applied with consistent success over two+ decades Read More


You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Knowledge

While working as a writer, instructor and marketing manager for OST Global Solutions, many clients have asked me about the value of OST’s classes and my feelings on professional development in general. I can say definitively that OST’s instructors and course materials are effective; they’ve helped me transition into a new area of business in Read More

Scaling the Proposal Development Mountain

Scaling the Proposal Development Mountain

Climbing a mountain for the first time can be just as unnerving to an inexperienced rock climber as tackling your first solicitation can be if you’re a proposal newbie. The process may seem paralyzingly-scary at first, but just as with rock climbing, you can learn the skills necessary to succeed at proposal development. You have Read More

New Year's Resolutions

Don’t Let This New Year’s Resolution Drop Off Your Radar

Nearly everyone does it. It’s a practical inevitability in life. As the minutes tick down towards the start of a New Year, we think about all the things we will do differently in the coming year. ‘I will lose weight. I’m going to save for my dream [car, house, fill-in-the-blank]. I will eat more fruits Read More

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure 2x for Better Business Development

‘My pipeline isn’t big enough. We aren’t winning enough new work. We’re not hitting our financial projections. We “lost on price” yet again.’ You might start questioning your business development efforts, proposal writing skills, processes, and/or people for any or all of these reasons. Such concerns lead to a lot of questions, like: ‘Do I Read More