What are your top three proposal management challenges?

I am working on the new material for my upcoming free webinar on June 3, 2013, on the subject of Top 10 Proposal Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them  (learn more or register at http://www.ostglobalsolutions.com/training/webinars/2013-06-3rd-proposal-management-challenges-webinar.htm ), and am looking for your feedback. I have my idea as to what these are from my observations – but would love to hear from you to make the material richer. What are your struggles when you are a prime? What about when you are a sub? Tell a bit more about the context of your work, too – what types of proposals do you bid on – task orders or IDIQs? U.S. federal government or state and local governments? Commercial bids? Products or services and solutions? Do you have a process or are things more ad hoc? What are you grappling with in the course of managing proposals in today’s economic environment?


3 thoughts on “What are your top three proposal management challenges?

  1. Moinuddin Salman says:


    This is an excellent discussion and Webinar which will be followed by many,
    The three most challenging elements from Proposal Management which I face are getting the Executive Summary properly reflecting the solution proposed, the internal response from different stake-holders and the justification of deviations from the requirements of the RFP.


    Moinuddin Salman.

  2. Shawn says:

    My biggest challenge is competing to obtain estimates from the resources in-the-know, while they are strained to complete their steady state support. I constantly am competing for their attention requiring multiple follow ups and instant messaging to finaly get labor and/or equipment estimates.

  3. Tracy Argandona says:

    My biggest challenge is getting enough time from our echnical resources, who are being squeezed too thin! The pressure to remain billable while still selling new work keeps getting worse, and the project managers and technical specialists who are critical to a winning proposal have less and less time available to spend on proposals.

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