What are your top three proposal management challenges?

I am working on the new material for my upcoming free webinar on June 3, 2013, on the subject of Top 10 Proposal Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them, and am looking for your feedback. I have my idea as to what these are from my observations – but would love to hear from you to make the material richer. What are your struggles when you are a prime? What about when you are a sub? Tell a bit more about the context of your work, too – what types of proposals do you bid on – task orders or IDIQs? U.S. federal government or state and local governments? Commercial bids? Products or services and solutions? Do you have a process or are things more ad hoc? What are you grappling with in the course of managing proposals in today’s economic environment?

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One thought on “What are your top three proposal management challenges?

  1. Peter Hatt Lipscomb says:

    Happy to share Olessia.
    Most of my work is in the commercial sector, large outsourcing contracts as well as some IT services and consultancy.
    We spend so much time solutioning and getting approvals on price and solution that teams neglect to allocate the proper amount of time to actually answering the questions. So my top 3 challenges revolve around sticking to agreed on timescales and project dealines, allowing the proposal production group sufficient time to do their job of editing, formatting etc not paying enough attention to crafting a compelling executive summary. You could also add as #4 in the list of challanges, repition of boilerplate and process. This is due to writing being done at the last minute and writers just sticking in huge chunks of process description to answer a simple question such as ‘how do you ….’, you often find the same process rpeated several times over in a response because the RFP asks similar type questions or questions releated to the same topic in multiple places. I have seen our complete change management process repeated 3 times within one response!

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